Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pork in the Pot Dinner for Four

1. One two lb pork sirloin tip roast, like Cosco's. Defrost if needed. Wash, pat dry, spinkle well with
sea salt, top and bottom. Let set.
2. Spray crock pot with leithicen spray
3. small to medium red potatoes. about 3 cereal bowls, maybe a shade more. Clean, wash, cut in half.
Spread on bottom of crock pot.
4. Sliver med to med large white or sweet yellow onion. Sprinkle around on top of potatoes.
5. Drissel potatoes lightly with olive oil.
6. Place pork roast, fat side up, in the middle of the crock pot, make a space if you have too so there is room for the lid, but do not set it directly on the bottom of the crock. Spinkle the top of roast with  Johnnies with garlic seasoning. (green lid). Don't use it on the potatos.
7. Use a seasoning of  tomato, basil, oregano, crush in your hand and spread around one the potatos.
8. Use rosemary leaves and spread on top of roast with a few also onto the potatoes.
Turn on crock and cook about 2.5 to 3 hours on high.
9. Chop a orange or yellow bell pepper into 1" peices and sprinkle around on top of potatoes.
10. Take about two handfulls of grape tomatoes and sprinkle around on top of potatoes.
11. Crush and add more Tomato, basil, oregano mix seasoning.
Cook another 1.5 hours on high.

When ready to set on table, take out the roast and slice into 1/2 to 3/4 slices with good fine serated knife. Arrange in bowl or small platter. Dip potatoes and the veggies into another bowl.

Good with salad, broccoli or carrots.
A simple porus or open texture bread would be nice.

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