Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mexican Stir Fry by Joyce

Slice about 5 medium to large white mushrooms. Slice one large onion thinly and then chop into peices about 1/2 to 3/4" long. Cut Broccoli into small trees for stirfry.

Precook long grain white rice.
Cut skinless boneless chickn breast into smaller slivers and chunks.

In a nonstick wok heat about 2 tbsp on light olive oil. When oil and pan
is hot dump in your raw chicken. Season it with salt, a little pepper and some
Johnnys with garlic. You want it flavorful but not to overpower.
Stirfry until 1/2 done. Dump in your mushrooms, onion and broccoli. Stirfry
until chicken is done, broccoli is tender and mushrooms have colored up some,
and onions are nearly clear.
Salt, pepper and a little Johnnys again. When ready, add 1 tsp of Simply Asia
"sweet ginger garlic" and stir well. Now start adding your white rice, breaking up any
chunks until everything is just slightly brown, evenly integrated and hot. Sprinkly on a
handfull of large grated parmeasean cheese and when well stirred add a couple of handfulls
or more of mozzerella. Pull off the stove when blended enough and just starting to get

I searved this with ensalada and chips, corn on the cob and canteloup.

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